The most awaited games of the year 2020!

Last year may not have been considered one of the best years in gaming, but hey, at least we got the game Untitled Goose. However, 2010 was a step forward for the industry, with titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Batman: Arkham series and Last of Us. Today, we are at the beginning of a new decade, and in a twilight year as well. The console market is changing rapidly. Soon, the PS4 and Xbox One will be thrown in the trash, and we’ll bid them farewell while welcoming a new generation of super-powered machines with open arms. The Xbox Series X brings robust technology that rivals the power of the most powerful PC towers, and the PS5 looks just as great.

But don’t worry, old systems are coming out with a bang with new games; and even though some of the following titles are destined for the next generation, we’ll always have our Nintendo Switch or good old PS4s. This year’s line-up is packed with games for all kinds of audiences, from the many action RPGs to first-person shooter games, from wildly narrative titles to equally artistic and wacky indie projects. A new Animal Crossing (!!) and Halo prove that there will be some impressive triple A releases, but don’t forget that we will also be blessed by the divine god SkateBIRD.

We suggest you start saving now, as your wallet will suffer. These are our most anticipated games of 2020.

Summary of this exceptional year!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s not Mario, Zelda or Pokémon, but there are very few Nintendo franchises that can get players as excited as Animal Crossing. In its first game on Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the series takes place in a holiday setting where your character has carte blanche to customise an island as he or she sees fit.

It still contains all the classic elements of Animal Crossing, but even more variety in activities and more options for multiplayer. The game’s famous characters, like Tom Nook, have never looked better and we can’t wait to get back into debt after buying a mansion.

(Available March 20, 2020 on: Nintendo Switch)

Doom Eternal

Who would have thought that the Doom series would still be relevant in 2020? After the excellent reboot in 2016, Id Software didn’t have much else to prove in a sequel, but Doom Eternal is not at all the same. The Doomslayer now has blades built into its suit to kill demons more efficiently, it can shoot itself with a special BFG cannon and has a grapple to move at lightning speed. As with Doom II, much of the game takes place on Earth, and once the campaign is over, you can try out the asymmetric multiplayer mode that pits one Doomslayer against several demons in a battle to the death.

(Available March 20, 2020 on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the success of the remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019, Capcom is moving forward with a complete remake of Resident Evil 3 in 2020. The game will be a completely updated version of Jill Valentine’s classic action-horror game, with the return of the evil Nemesis to scare you off whenever you think of taking a break. In addition to the remake, it will also include Resident Evil: Resistance, an asymmetric multiplayer game that allows a player to free hordes of enemies and set traps for human survivors.

(Available April 03, 2020 on: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The name is a bit inappropriate as it is actually only the first part of a multi-episode game, but Final Fantasy VII Remake will be officially launched in March, and it has nothing less than an exceptional aspect.

Telling the same story as the original game on PlayStation, but with an entirely new fighting system that blurs the line between action and role-playing, as in Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII Remake looks set to appeal to both newcomers and long-time fans of the series, as long as they don’t have to wait several more years for the full game to be completed.

(Available April 03, 2020 on: PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog took his time developing The Last of Us: Part II, but given the ridiculously high standards he set for himself with the original game, it’s understandable. The sequel features Ellie, now a little older than in the first episode, and will see her reunite with her father, Joel, in a post-apocalyptic world still on the verge of collapse with infected humans. It seems to be even darker than the first game, and we could see an even more tragic loss for our heroes – if you can call them heroes at this point.

(Available May 29, 2020 on: PS4)

Marvel's Avengers

This is the game that can finally break the game. The new Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics title Avengers will be released on May 15th… and will continue to be updated… indefinitely. And not just with little DLC-type updates. It will get new characters, stories and missions, so there will be no reason to make a sequel. This could change the way the entire video game industry operates.

(Available on September 04, 2020 on : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia)

Ghosts of Tsushima

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Nioh both offer very fantastic versions of feudal Japan and samurai fighting, but Sucker Punch takes a very different approach with Ghost of Tsushima. The cinematic presentation of his action game is strongly inspired by director Akira Kurosawa, with beautiful environments and stylized, fast sword strokes that have the quality of “blink and you’ll miss it”. Very few studios can match the production quality of Sucker Punch.

(Available June 26, 2020 on : PS4)

Cyberpunk 2077

Breathtaking“? We’ll see about that! CD Projekt Red is best known for its game trilogy The Witcher, but it ventures into a whole new territory with Cyberpunk 2077. Adapted from the Cyberpunk table-top role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077 goes first-person shooter and plunges us into an amazing futuristic world, full of missions to accomplish and story choices to make. At your side is a scanned Keanu Reeves, but even without John Wick himself, we’re pretty sure we’re going to lose a few hundred hours in this game.

(Available in September 2020 on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia)


Outriders is a cooperative, third-person shooter that looks radiant. It exudes a very “Destiny” vibe in terms of gameplay, while taking on a completely different tone; it features a prominent three-player cooperative system and many role-playing elements. Outriders is released on the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. As such, it is one of the next-generation launch titles.

(Available late 2020 on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X)


Godfall, another cooperative action-rpg, will soon be released on PS5. It allows players to work with the order of a knight to save a fantasy world. The game has a very stylish look. We don’t know much about the real gameplay, but we won’t know much more soon and some leaks have already been leaked if you look hard enough… Godfall is the perfect solution for those who, like me, are tired of cooperative shooting games and want to immerse themselves in new gameplay with their friends.

(Available late 2020 on: PC, PS5)

Halo Infinite

343 Industries needs a major relaunch of Halo, as Halo 5: The Guardians has failed to revive a franchise that has been in decline since the original developer Bungie left it nearly a decade ago. With Halo Infinite, this may well be possible, as the studio focuses on Master Chief in a large-scale sci-fi shooting adventure that seems to better understand why players fell in love with Halo all those years ago. Crossplay support and a powerful new engine should also help showcase the technical prowess of the upcoming Xbox system.

(Available late 2020 on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)

No More Heroes 3

It’s been 10 years since the last No More Heroes game. The stylized franchise is coming back, and it looks cool as hell, but I actually have no idea what it’s all about because every time I went to my high school boyfriend’s house to see it, he would never let me play it. I hope he’s good. He always seemed like he was having fun.

(Available during 2020 on: Nintendo Switch)

Spelunky 2

If you haven’t played Spelunky, leave this article page and go play it. What are you doing? What are you doing? Spelunky is a remarkably challenging platform game that allows players to explore caves, buy bonuses and, oh yes, always start from scratch. The mix of game mechanics makes for truly unique platform game experiences. Spelunky 2 is out of left field with updated graphics and, of course, other already great mechanics.

(Available during 2020 on: PS4, PC)

Watch Dogs Legion

Finally, hackers have their own video game franchise. This open-world cooperative game seems to be the most tipiak title ever made. You can hack everything you see, and you can play as a hacker in a dystopian surveillance state in London. I can’t wait to hack!

(Available December 2020 on: PS4, XBox One, PC, Google Stadia)

Dying Light 2

Was it expected that legendary role-playing game designer Chris Avellone would have a role in a sequel to Dying Light? Absolutely not, but we’re glad he did! Techland’s Dying Light 2 is radically different from the original game, with a changing world and a more sophisticated narrative that adds to its unique parkour-meets-zombie-killing gameplay. If the studio manages to make it, it could well be one of the best games of the year.

(Available late 2020 on: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Zombie in a Tom Clancy’s game? It may sound strange, but that’s what Ubisoft is doing with its Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Quarantine franchise. Rather than a sequel to the competitive multiplayer game Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s latest shooting game pits the world’s elite agents against humans infected with alien parasites. You’ll have to learn all-new tactics and strategies to bring them down. It’s a far cry from the Rainbow Six of yesteryear, but it’s all the more surprising, and we love it!

(Available in 2020 on: PS4, Xbox One, PC)


SK8 BIRD! This will be the game of the year 2020, I promise you. In SkateBIRD, you are a bored pet bird who has to entertain himself at his master’s house with various objects such as straws and staplers. With your adorable tiny skateboard, you can become the next extreme sports legend, and you can even lure your birds into your makeshift park. The whole thing comes with a bird-hop soundtrack, and you can even collect little outfits for your bird to wear while it tries out ollies on the kitchen table. There is no fixed release date yet, except that it is for this year.

(Available in 2020 on: PC, MacOS, Nintendo Switch)

So much for this incredible list, a fabulous 2020 year awaits us! At the editorial office, we’ll make sure to cover all the monthly releases, so don’t hesitate to bookmark the blog so you can find all the info! And until then, good game 🙂

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